Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Why Faith Makes So Much Sense

Wisdom vindicates faith, which means that, only from the aspect of hindsight can anyone see that, by their faith, the best behavioural responses were worth it.
Only as we look back with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight do we see the wisdom in the action of faith; just like we’d see the folly in the fearful, false and unloving action of unbelief.
Faith makes so much sense when we look back with hindsight. We trusted in good things to occur. We believed enough to do the right thing. We decided that even if things wouldn’t turn out one hundred percent of the time — and rarely do they turn out with such unerring reliability — that it was worth the pitch. Faith, it was decided, was worth the risk. And, much of the time it isn’t a risk, as it is vindicated by wisdom.
It was worth it to forgive, because the person reciprocated to our grace.
It was worth it to forgive, because, though they haven’t responded yet, one day they might, and besides, God is pleased. That’s enough. That’s wisdom. That’s faith moving forward in the present with the audacity of wisdom to be experienced in a future present.
Faith makes so much sense for the simple reason that what is done in faith works out well more of the time.
Have you noticed the interplay between faith and wisdom on a continuum?
The more faith we invest in the present, the more wisdom vindicates the action in a future present. Faith moves in the faith that a present action will redeem a positive result in a future present.
Faith is worth it because it is the foresight of wisdom.
The more faith sown, the more wisdom reaped.

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