Monday, December 26, 2016

Small Changes, Every Day, Real Change’s Only Days Away

The end of every year is a natural time to reflect on what’s gone and to ponder what’s coming. In reflection, there are things we can accept. In pondering, there are things we want to change.
I’m working on three things I want to do less, and three things I want to be more.
It has occurred to me recently that the signs are good I’m ready for change. I’ve made small changes that I didn’t even decide to make consciously. The thought entered my mind — that would be good — and I practiced it twice or three times, and the habit’s already in the shape of the making.
If we seek to change anything,
our habits spring to the forefront.
Change is about habit challenge and conquest. We cannot change if we don’t challenge our habits, and changing our habits necessitates a conquest. Change doesn’t occur unless we’re relentless.
Relentlessness is nothing if not a building force of enquiry and action in the direction of our goals. Small changes, made every day, prove that innovation energises confidence, and that confidence bolsters commitment.
As we plunge through the waves on the tempestuous ocean of life, journeying from distal and familiar lands on the past horizon, we get marooned on lands of unhelpful habit that are maintained in the present. We will need to embark on a fresh voyage away from familiar lands if we’re to install change into our lives.  
Commitment honours the intent of change, and confidence flourishes when commitment is solid. Small changes done every day show underlying commitment and are the way to build confidence.
Small changes that stick are better changes than large changes that don’t.

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