Saturday, December 3, 2016

Let Suffering Convert to Compassion

Without having been deprived of compassion we don’t really understand compassion’s importance; its basis as the meaning of life, providing purpose which drives us along in our living the abundant life of loving others.
We don’t see the point to suffering until we find that something is being added to us that we would not have if we weren’t otherwise deprived. If not for pain there are degrees of depth we would never know.
God’s purpose in suffering is to teach us what everyone needs though being deprived of it. Everyone needs compassion. But many can only receive it, for it’s necessary that we receive it when we need it. And when we need it, and then receive it, God teaches us that our need mirrors others’ needs, so we’re then able to see their need, and at the same time we’re equipped to give it.
But not everyone who suffers receives the gift of compassion. Some push it away. Others never quite understand that it’s in weakness that we’re blessed with another’s strength; that it’s in the experience the vulnerability that we receive God’s love through the love of others. Some turn out cynical and the hope is spoiled out of them. Others miss out and their hope dies, until at a later time, possibly, it is rekindled by a kind soul or souls who love them extraordinarily.
Compassion comes naturally, without pain, to few people. These are especially blessed, but they’re enigmas. Most of us need to be taught through the pains of injustice.
Don’t resent the lesson for the lesson has a purpose. Don’t deny what’s occurred. Be hurt, but don’t stay hurt. Don’t delay God’s purpose by refusing to learn through insight. Sure, it’s tough! But it won’t always be like this. Be determined to learn, and avoid cynicism at all costs. Stay soft of soul.
Pain turns to learning which turns to purpose as we grow in compassion. Learning compassion is one purpose of enduring pain.

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