Saturday, May 21, 2016

When Love Draws Close and Safe

Moments we live for, moments that arrive, stay, and then depart as quick as they came; moments we live for.  Hope draws us along the passage of life through the mode of time, and we readily live for the sweetest of moments for which God installed a craving.  And when the moments are allowed to arrive and leave, as we accept our moments, the steady abiding peace in a love within settles our hearts for the temerity of reality — moments that are harder to withstand.
Some moments serene,
Pitter-patter of the rain,
Safely inside rugged up,
Reflective in the goodness,
Of God, no sign of pain.
Some moments driving,
Incessant pace disturbs,
Peace of heart interrupted,
Tasks to be done,
Serenity it curbs.
Some moments exciting,
Holding on in hope,
Don’t know what is coming,
But hope gives,
Capacity to cope.
Some moments, winter,
The shallow cold draws near,
Hope makes way for doubting,
The better way,
Is not as clear.
Some moments silent,
Making moments count,
Striving to be still,
Waiting, trusting, breathing,
Gathering at God’s fount.
Love is saturable in all forms of life.  It isn’t just when we feel warm and safe inside, out of the driving rain, that we can feel love.  God’s love reminds us in a thought, that He is there, always.
Moments make up the one life, and the one life was made for love.
When, as we contemplate love, what can be felt, experienced, enjoyed, given and received, we become better persons, compelled to act.
When love draws near,
All feel safe,
As courage climbs, fears melt,
Where compassion finds, love’s indwelt,
Where death meets hope,
Resurrection life!
Answer’s in the love,
For every fallen waif.
© 2016 Steve Wickham.

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