Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Death of Love and the Life of Love Beyond

WE’VE all been there, I presume… to the death of love.
My hope is you’ve been to the other side, too… to the hope that lies beyond a love that once died.  If you haven’t, my hope is you keep pressing in, keep believing, and keep pursuing the hope of a life of love beyond the death of love.
The death of love is the grief experienced in the tragedy of loss.  We can posit love as a romance, but love is more cavernous than that.  Love fills the hope of all our lives, and to bound love to a romance story is to lose vital essences of a thing everyone needs.
As I write this I’m aware of stories where mothers were forced to give up their babies for adoption… the death of love… yet with the irrepressible crossroad ahead of that situation.  Does love die and stay dead, implicating the greatness of grief, or does the life of love beyond it spur a person on?  Sometimes it’s a love that has gone.  And to believe that, to enter that reality, allowing that passage through pain, to not deny it, is a courage that deserves a second chance.
The life of love beyond a love that died is your destiny.  It’s everyone’s destiny, whether in this life or in the life to come (if it’s God you hope for).  Hope’s what makes the destiny of love possible, probable, and then ultimately real.  Hope is what carries love from dream to possibility to reality.
Hope is a wonderful thing.  When we engage the gear of hope, enmeshing it in a vision we have belief for, that hope carries us through the dark days all the way to an eventual joy.  Actually, hope enables joy when joy would be out of the question.
The death of love makes us appreciate just how much we need it.  It makes us fight for a life of love beyond it.  And a love beyond a love that was lost makes us appreciate it all the more when it arrives.  So don’t give up.
© 2016 Steve Wickham.

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