Thursday, May 26, 2016

Keep Calm and God Will Fight For You

Doubtless, being slaves to Pharaoh, being chased by Egypt’s finest, feeling sick with worry that the angel of death stood immediately before them to slay them, the Israelites wailed!
And Moses stands there and says… “keep calm, stand still, and you’ll be saved!”  Note that Moses was once a quick-tempered man.  Only a patient man in God’s leader for His people would calm the people down even as disaster beckoned.
Times when the enemy is bearing down are times when we’re likeliest to justifiably panic.  But, with faith, we have no need of panic if we simply do God’s will.  We do what we can.  We keep calm, investing in the logic of process, for this, too, shall pass.
But there’s more to be communicated as far as stillness is concerned.
Stillness is akin to silence, and together the two talk about the soul calmness of tranquillity.  We don’t imagine any spiritual or holistic gain in practicing stillness until we try it.  But there is a gain, alright.
As we practice stillness, removing from our mind’s grasp any distraction, we practice an emptying of all need for anything other than God.
Could it be that the very thing we search tenaciously for all our lives is found when we finally let go?  That is the very thesis of this article.  Let go, let God, and God lets His gracious power to us, for the timorous moment.
When we face a new threat, the fears we just left seem minuscule.  But they were what they were, and there is yet something right before us to overcome.  We must take our discipline and think with our mind, using our thoughts to discipline with strength the fear in our heart.
Healing possibilities ramp up when we slow down enough to be still and allow God’s Spirit the space He needs to minister to our soul.
© 2016 Steve Wickham.

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