Sunday, May 22, 2016

Visions For Encouragement

Prophetic gifts come in a variety of forms, and, depending on our church tradition, we are open to these gifts, in ourselves and others, or not.
One way the prophetic gifting works through faith in God is through visions for encouragement.  This is where God speaks His possibilities through our reflections.  We think either with intention or not, consciously or unconsciously.
A vision for our encouragement comes, many times, when we least expect it to, because God is active with us, by the prayer of His speaking, when we open up cognisance to our spiritual environment.  This spiritual environment is like a river of God communication — it’s there!  We just have to be open to hearing, exploring and acting.
All prophecy ought to be of encouragement, because all of the Kingdom of God is about encouragement.  Encouragement can involve challenge and even rebuke if it’s immersed in the seedbed of love.
Visions for encouragement are crucial especially when we feel down and out.  God speaks into our minds, through a word-vision, an image, or via a word of encouragement from another person, which God uses to furnish our mind with possibility.
Visions for encouragement are to be
 held loosely as possibilities.
One thing we don’t count on with visions for encouragement is that not all of them — not even most of them — end up coming into reality.  Whether a vision for encouragement comes to pass or not is irrelevant.  What’s important is the vision for encouragement is possible; something for which we might hold loosely in our belief for what God might desire for us.  “Might” is an operative word!
God uses visions for encouragement to speak to us, through prayer; to not give up, to press on, and to steady faith in the absence of hope.
God speaks through the perspective of encouragement, messages for the mind of prayerful visions for hope.
© 2016 Steve Wickham.

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