Friday, August 8, 2014

Understanding and Accepting the Hard Things of Life

Could it be that the point of life is to learn to understand and accept the hard things?
If we learn to expect less of people,
We are less hurt when they let us down.
If we can accept that that’s where they’re at,
Perspective is grown and peace is ours.
Grace is known as a gift of favour,
To benefit those who are undeserving.
Peace is experienced as a reality,
When we covet humility.
Some people will not appreciate us,
But we are free to appreciate them.
Enjoy a good turn and give it away,
Keep the kindnesses flowing.
Play the game of life right and fair,
And God’s rewards will ultimately be yours.
Allow your grief to teach you,
He is a true and reliable guide.
Don’t think too much of yourself,
Or all your friends will vanish.
Make room in your heart for those in your life,
Whether they are family, friends, or enemies.
When your heart is full of love,
It can no longer be full of pain.
Pray in a way that if someone were listening,
They would know something of the God of creation.
Be courageous enough to wonder aloud,
For vulnerability among the mature is a blessing.
Place your bid before the Maker of Life,
And he will make a purpose of your existence.
Engage in the setting up of plays,
Planned moves have their value eventually.
If you are unafraid of hard work,
You will never fail in endeavour.
Learn the paradox of being,
That there are a plethora of reverses in life.
Don’t blame God for what is possible,
Thank God that only he can deal with the impossible.
Enter the cauldron of battle valiantly,
And you will find no reason for fear.
Sadness is everyone’s basic right,
Don’t let your shame cheat you of real emotion.
Send love by mail and don’t forget the stamp,
You don’t want the letter to fall short of its address.
Appreciate the person before you,
No matter their appearance or disposition.
Nine lives are far too many for a cat,
Only one life is needed if you choose the Lord.
Fall in love with the amazingness of grace every day,
Do this and this grace with knock you clean off your feet.
Beauty is nothing to do with outer appearance,
It is the shimmering splendour of a soul aglow.
Never think that life is unreal,
Life is only ever real, as far as we are aware.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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