Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Courage to Stand Up and Walk By Faith

There is a time for courage and such a time in a time consistent with eternity; as eternity presents itself as an ever-present reality in this life.
The concept of courage for such a time as this – for any time in reality – is consistent, again, with the wisdom that is in God, for merely operating in life requires courage.
We have no way of avoiding the need for courage, because we must act or rescind. In a forwards-backwards life there is no scope for remaining as we are – it takes us places and a lack of courage sees us slip back. Nobody wants to slip back.
We all need help in life, and we are benefited by the help of loved ones and from those who care for us, but courage is just as much, if not more, the help we need in our moment of need.
Courage is a statement made in the moment about the faith we have regarding the information we have. We make a decision. Having considered the options, we decide.
Having decided, and having used courage to make the decision, we utilise courage further in acting out that which we have decided. It needs to be ongoing. Courage is about the commitment to sustain, endure, and to not give up. Courage is about faith – for courage continues in spite of a lack of evidence that things are working out. And courage requires humility. It doesn’t need to be placated. It can wait. It doesn’t have to have its own way.
The character of courage is virtuous – it helps in every situation of life.
When we can epitomise courage we begin to understand its power for our lives, because we embody it; we try it on; we wear it. It becomes us. And it’s easier when we know it’s there for the applying.
For the life that wishes to believe in a hope for a good future, courage is the way. It opens the door to such a hope, it sparks awareness for action, and it gives the power to complete what needs to be done.
Every time and situation of life is helped with courage. Now is the time for courage. As we reflect on our moments, bringing courage into view, we see where it can help. Then we put it into action, and life gets better. Everything is helped with courage.
Courage stands naked in the midst of fear as if it’s dressed elegantly in faith.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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