Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sheltering In the Protection of the Most High God

Worlds are different and worlds are set apart to be worlds-of-worlds apart.
There is a world where all protection is afforded; where safety to exposure is implicit. This world ensures the person under protection can grow and mature in a seminary; in the seedbed of God’s anointing.
Such is a world that our unborn is in. Such is also a world that young women who enter Esther Foundation live in whilst they are residents of the program. Our unborn is safe in the womb. He or she kicks and dances and moves quite liberally. Growth is healthy there. Young women at Esther also have a great opportunity to grow in a loving environment that can also model the gentle, fair, and tough love of Christ – but it is safe shelter, of the love of our High Tower.
Our baby is on a collision course for the world. A freight train is screaming silently along the track, with its headlight ablaze to warn us of impending doom. The storm clouds are forming wistfully in the distance. We can watch, and even marvel, as that storm approaches. We marvel at God’s might. These precious girls at Esther are also on a collision course for the world, but they are being equipped to continue their call! – a call that started in a sanctuary of loving discipleship. Their call is to lead by serving; to show the rest of the world how to be like Jesus. They know Jesus, and, so long as they don’t take their eyes off him, they will collide with the world with a purpose to absorb all their fears and doubts, which will also show others the Way.
There is the dichotomy. A gospel value says that what God prepares, God will anoint with a future; a future hoped for; a future that makes a difference.
How does that fit for our unborn?
We prefer to think of this situation as the ultimate in healing; that our baby will move from one protected environment in the womb, to the ultimate protected environment – heaven. There really is no better future. And, although, this transition will fill us grief, we will eventually celebrate that one day we may come to know our dear one when we, too, make that transition from death to eternity. He or she will be waiting with the angels to welcome us.
Safe within the womb,
But outside it is doom,
Protection within to grow,
Exposure without to woe.
Despite the certainly of outcome,
God helps us when we are numb,
Our baby will be healed,
His or her future thereby is sealed.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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