Monday, August 18, 2014

Doing the True Works of the LORD

When we do the work of God, God does all the work.
When we step out of the way of our God, and we, at the same time, discern his will in these situations he has called us to live within, we get the distinct privilege to observe the spiritual miracle as it takes place, through us and others.
To do the work of God is the highest calling. Nothing pays so well as the blessing received for having done such work that is not work, but the work of the Divine, in operation, spiritually.
When we work for God it is not work that we do, but we are lifted high out of labour and are granted joy, even in the toil. Our attitude about ourselves and what we are doing changes.
We are shown the secret to making an otherwise hard life work.
God – and only God – is able to show us something new, transforming and character-refining in something we thought would never, and could never, change.
This only needs to be experienced once. Then we are forever convinced. God can do anything he likes, not the very least of which to show us a new thing; yes, even if we are somewhat aged! Our Lord is the lord of surprises.
Doing the true works of the Lord is a sea change even when life feels like it’s all work. It doesn’t counter the stress we might be under, but there is the abiding sense of belief that we can get through – that God is with us.
Stress is a bizarre thing. It can push us beyond our stress into a place of resilience, but not if stress pushes us too far in the meantime. We all have limits.
If we can labour within marginal or mild stress we are able to grow. As we labour, doing so for God, and it can be anything we do, we keep ourselves in touch with the joy that is possible for the work of God we do.
Now that we have conceptualised the work of God as God’s work, through us and through others, as He alone chooses, there is now no recall for complaint for what we must do, nor is there envy for what others are doing that we have not been chosen for.
Doing God’s work is a joy if the work we are doing is God’s.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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