Saturday, July 26, 2014

Treading By Faith Into Stark Uncertainty

Try not to be nervous
Regarding what you’re about to do.
Trust God, be straight and honest
And He will hold you true.
Many moments in life
Panic us into a flurry.
When all we need to do
Is resist every pressure to hurry.
So, slow down in the moment
Trust God in everything you are.
Don’t despise the holy pressure
Dealing with it will take you far.
Life issues prove so problematic at times we don’t know where we stand. Entering a new normal, and the flux storm such an unknown transition creates, there is a new task, a new objective, and a new state of reality and being. What the manifest newness of this future thing is can often be beyond us.
So many unknown things confound the immediate future before we realise we made too much of the unknown. Rarely does the unknown conjure thoughts of surprise and feelings of shock; occasionally, but not as much as we believe. Yet we experience the anxiety of intrepid dread every day because of these unknowns.
There is a great deal of uncertainty typical of life, and especially in the courses of loss, the cool ebb and flow of adjustment, and the intrigues of the grief that implicates the season.
Treading by faith into the stark uncertainty seems easier said than done, but it just needs to be done. As we decide to join our will with God’s will, we are granted a seamless courage that resembles a peace that so rapidly transcends our understanding.
As we step uncertainly into the grief that may fill our future, we try to be grateful for the present. But the past will always seem better when the new normal of a scary unknown makes its way into our consciousness. We will be grateful in retrospect and this may associate guilt.
But treading by faith into this stark uncertainty is the right thing to do, even at times mindlessly. There is no denial in this striding by faith; the old and new realities are ever before us. In the vagrant emotions, in conjunction with faith, comes the straightforward capacity to keep stepping, assuredly though humbly.
Entering a new normal is frightening, but ever possible, indeed liberating. Treading by faith into the stark uncertainty is done with the Presence of God, and never without. We go into that unknown knowing the grace that can never fail us. Strength, peace, and joy are then possibly ours.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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