Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Short Journey to Faith

Thank You, God, for new friendships,
Those that surround us in love,
Those who have gone before us,
Those You’ve blessed from above.
Thank You, God, for those far and wide,
Those who’ve transcended geography,
Those who’ve been there before us,
Those who’ve such special demography.
Thank You, God, for this special turn,
Those who share this journey have shown,
Those who’ve travelled before us,
Those You’ve undoubtedly grown.
Four weeks ago – yes, 28 days, at this very time – 11.30am – we learned something that was destined to change the path of our lives. We always think that someone else will receive news like, “You’ve got to be strong for each other... there’s a very long road ahead.” The doctor at the ultrasound clinic was straight with us as he was caring; he teared up as he also said, “Thank you for making this easy on me.” Yet, despite this wonderful doctor’s love, I left that clinic feeling we didn’t belong there – with all those pregnant women with their partners in the waiting room. It was neither their fault nor ours. Life had changed.
Four weeks is not a long time in some respects, but it feels like an eternity to us, in probably an entirely good way. We have noticed the fruit of our faith – despite the sorrow and grief, the ability to get on with life; to grow in our love for one another; to cherish the children we already have; and, to hope into this new little life with Pallister-Killian Syndrome (PKS).
Then again, we have been so blessed with so much love; unprecedented in both our experience. Having learned of our baby’s diagnosis late on July 18, within 24-hours we had made contact through email with a couple who have taken up the cudgel of leadership as a way of being advocates for PKS – love Google searches. Then a week later, we had the privilege of not only meeting them, but sharing a meal, and having some real quality conversation. Having something like PKS in common, I’m sure, melts some of the normal boundaries to intimacy. There was love shared there in that initial meeting.
Making contact with PKS-Kids was another Godsend. We have been embraced, and, with so many telling their stories, we find ourselves there, with them, knowing so many of these stories will be prophetic for us. I wonder into the future, knowing that life will never be the same, but being ever thankful for those who’ve blazed a trial for us to travel upon.
Now, the point of this article is this: There is a short journey to faith; the decision to take life as it is, and work it out. It is what it is. The short journey is the moment, the decision, and the action that follows. We can do everything through the strength of the One with unlimited strength.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.
Note: The flowers pictured are what I arrived home with to give to Sarah, having no idea that she had just received our baby’s diagnosis.

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