Friday, August 30, 2013

When God Turns Our Waste Into Glory

Everything in life can be considered to have a purpose.
Nothing is a waste.
Even waste is not a waste.
Wait and see what God will do with it as we submit it to Him.
What was a waste can be converted into a crowning glory by the Father...
Because of Jesus Christ, Who is our Lord,
Through the power of the Holy Spirit.

It’s astoundingly encouraging for the many that have seemingly wasted significant portions of their lives to know that God has a plan to use those so-called wasted years. Indeed, what could have been considered in other terms, a waste, is actually considered fuel for the journey and the consummate reason for the call of God on our lives.
Seen this way, everything has a reason as everything has a purpose.
We are destined to make much of that which has caused us to become little. God can grow bigger what we have found has shrunk us.
Wasting 20 years as an alcoholic, or wasting the same length of time to pornography addiction; these can be transformed into a requiem of testimony as to the power of God to inflect a meaning that gives us hope and a future we can believe in.
Converting Waste into Glory for God
What an upside-down world we live in because of God. He turns what is lamentable into something that is beautiful – if we turn to him. From a wreck of a life there is created a walking story; an encouragement for everyone on a similar journey to destruction.
What can be considered a waste is no waste at all.
God converts that which might cause us to consider suicide into a hope-fuelled faith that understands a second chance reality; that victory is foreseeable out of the jaws of defeat. And what can be lived with meaning is no cliché. This is no joke.
When the reality of a converted life is experienced there is the direct apportionment of praise and glory to God without a single word having been spoken. Our lives are testimony of what God has done. Anyone with eyes, and a heart for truth, can see this.
Nothing of what we experience negatively is a waste so far as God is concerned. Everything that can be considered a waste of time, or a waste of life, can be turned into a requiem of beauty unto the praise and glory of God.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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