Saturday, August 24, 2013

Purpose in Loneliness, Hope in Adversity

Darkness surrounds yet it’s strangely comforting,
What is beyond sight is the darkness sown,
It’s lucid and lonely yet it’s no threat at all,
That’s where God’s Presence is known.
We can be both lonely and comforted at the same time. The knowledge of God in the winding turns of life is a tangible consolation, freeing us from any thought of senselessness within our enduring pain. Such a soul loneliness can contrive a purpose, and hope is known in such an adversity.
Knowledge Beyond Sight; Peace Beyond Experience
There is a beauty to the mystery of life in this dimension – we are not alone and we get the full experience of what seems real to us.
Regarding the things of God, we know, but we cannot know beyond what is tangible. We can know by faith, yet not by sight. We can vouch for our belief, but we can attest to no others’ belief. What is ours is ours. What is theirs is theirs. The great thing in this is we can coerce nothing, yet we have freedom to own and invest in our knowledge.
There is great peace knowing there is a purpose in all things.
And even if there are things beyond our knowledge – and there are many of those – we can believe that there is a purpose of means and ends in it. Belief saves us when we believe in the midst of a perfect Saviour – the Subject of our faith, Jesus. The object of our faith is the good life – to live for the glory of God.
What the whole world needs to know is there is knowledge beyond sight; there is peace beyond experience.
There is a conquest to life when we suffer; something that sustains us, even when things are never tougher. Growth through affliction – as we may be witnesses – is proof of this. But we need to imagine God there, with us, as we hang on.
When we imagine the thought of there being a purpose in loneliness and hope in adversity we want to believe it. We need to. And there is. But not without God; for the Lord helps in ways that can only be invisible to the eye.
Our choice to believe or not believe is honoured by a God, who gave freewill before we contemplated thought.
When we believe in such things as purpose in loneliness and hope in adversity we are strengthened to endure when to endure is all we can productively do.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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  1. The Light does not know darkness. Between loneliness and aloneness there is a vast ocean of difference. Alone with God can never be described as loneliness.


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