Friday, August 2, 2013

God’s Pleasure In a Broken Arrow

The beauty of Grace is incalculable. For just one instance, when we are broken and busted up by life, God always finds a way to use us, if we are willing, and in so doing he reminds us of our redemption – in the helping of others.
Notwithstanding how forlorn we are by our circumstances, the worse our shame, and the noisiness of our guilt – all for one and one for all – these, are smashed by Grace. The lower we go, the higher Grace takes us. There are no depths that God won’t go to in raising us to the highest of heights, having sought him. The more we are forgiven the more we can love.
God’s pleasure in a broken arrow is profound.
It’s like the bipolar person I know who reaches into several lives – by God’s power and grace – in liberating people from similar scourges. They are the wounded healer; a broken arrow, fixed by God, destined for a target that was, from before time, divinely purposed.
God has great plans for every person, and possibly bigger and bolder plans for the broken person, who, by divine gift of Grace, is being transformed into an arrow. Arrows are purposed, focused tools that are nothing if they aren’t focused on a target, and when that target is one of redemption and salvation no other target is relevant.
The whole of our lives is about the subject of God’s redemption and salvation of humankind, and what it means to us as individuals – this love of God’s – and how that might convert into our love for others who may appear, or be, lost.
The further we have been in our struggles in the midst of life the more we have to offer that one ailing against the hurricane force winds that blow with untenable ferocity, bringing them to their knees in a season of life that pushes them far too hard, and many into the unfathomable abyss.
The broken arrow has great purpose – one of sincere life or death magnitude – as they intercede for the broken in the midst. God knows it’s the broken arrow that can see the broken person in need of help. That broken person in need of help will not be helped by just anybody, for they need someone who has lived and breathed similarly as they have.
There is a sharp importance, therefore, in the wounded healer, the broken arrow, as they minister to the broken hearted. They believe in a God who searches for and seeks the lost sheep – that one in a hundred (as we should also). They have eyes for the needy and a heart that desires to soothe.
God’s pleasure pulsates with power in the broken arrow – the wounded healer who has been healed and serves by a targeted strength in their weakness, that the broken person in their midst would have hope. God’s grace is passionate and targeted for the lost sheep; the more lost we have been, the more use we may be for the Kingdom.
© 2013 S. J. Wickham.

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