Saturday, November 3, 2012

You Are Worth More

Time has about it so many loose threads,
About memories, and relationships, and bright brassy beds,
But there’s something about life that makes us unsure,
The fact is—no matter how low you get—you are worth more.
The good times have about them a bold sense of wonder,
Times when we got away with no limit of plunder,
But then life turns south and we’re shown the door,
The fact is—no matter how low you get—you are worth more.
Many are the high times that are blessed to keep,
Periods of life where we would solemnly reap,
But when life dries up and we’re left with the core,
The fact is—no matter how low you get—you are worth more.
Purpose at times consumes our whole lives,
When everything shines and hope arrives,
But as the sun fades below horizon’s shore,
The fact is—no matter how low you get—you are worth more.
You are worth more. God believes so and you, deep down, believe it too.
When we think of the long series of miracles that have occurred that brought us into being, and continue in series from now until the end of our lives, we can appreciate the unique reality of being us.
There are always low times, and, for some sadistic reason, they follow the high times. As we lament the encroaching reality of hopelessness and helplessness, with very recent knowledge of a better time, we are held back from the right attitude to get through this present challenge.
But as we consider our unique worth in the eyes of God, disregarding the circumstances, we can enjoy a sense of ourselves that never changes. We are made in the image of God, and, we should know, Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and always. There is something about us, deep within, that is unshakeable.
As we look at our arms and our legs, and though they have aged, they are still strangely the same, and we look into the mirror and notice the same person looking back at us who always looked back at us, we notice something pleasantly familiar.
This pleasantly familiar reality resounds with an unchanging message: whatever we do, wherever we go, however we come to be, there is a central and reliable part of us that will never change. This is the Presence of God within us. Own it.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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