Friday, November 30, 2012

Allowing God to Free the Mind

“Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labour in freedom.”
— Albert Einstein
There is a great and never more basic lesson in the endeavour of work. When we can love the work that has been set for us, principally by God, as we willingly forage, we exist in a beautifully balanced joy. And our joy is expanded at the wonder that we are enjoying work!
Something we may once have despised is now the very making of us.
Labouring in freedom is the essence of our purpose. We are called to labour. What, then, can go better for us than to gain freedom in doing what we must do?
In the activity of our work—our labouring in freedom—we gain fulfilment, which is the blessing of God of the abundant life. Our minds are literally flooded with beautiful thoughts, and this causes our hearts to feel that sense of exhilaration sometimes rarely experienced.
Creation and Inspiration Are the Products of Work
It’s a polar dichotomy that we are enthused by words like “creation” and “inspiration,” yet we abhor the idea of work. Somehow, when we create something or we are inspired to do something, or by something, we come alive. Life is never better.
Yet creation and inspiration are both products of work. When we can connect the two concepts we gain a secret to living the abundant life.
As we free our minds to enter the work that we have before us, whatever it is, we begin to see the meaning in what we create as we labour in freedom.
It inspires us when we connect these two concepts—when work is enjoyed it provides a sense of fulfilment that creates things we can see, as well as joy from within us.
Could it be that God’s vision for us within the corpus of joy is contained in enjoying all the activities in our lives? Seems basic, but it’s true. The activities that make up our lives are the work of our lives. When we can enjoy this work for what it is, in the moment—whether it’s busy-work, boring-work, or relaxing-work—we find that we understand God and we have allowed God to free our minds.
To truly rely on God is freeing for the mind. When the mind is free, we are able to labour in freedom. We enjoy our work. But only when we see the purpose God has for it and his purpose for us in this work. We come alive when we love our work.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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