Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The ABC of Mastering Life

1.      Attitude.
2.      Balance.
3.      Competence.
These three above combine to help us achieve a sense of mastery in life, which is always a situational proposition.
The overall goal of life, though it cannot ever be perfectly sustained, is to master it to the point of adaptability regarding each situation’s wisdom. This acknowledges that there is a God-blessed answer of response for every given situation.
Let’s take these three in cumulative fashion:
1. Life Begins with Attitude
Our mental approach to life—our frame for understanding—is tested by our circumstances. These occur and we feel a certain way. Our feelings influence our thoughts. Additionally, whatever happens we think intensely about. Perceptions are formed even without effort.
If we are to rise above our difficult circumstances by a stoic mental approach we have a way of seeing life in a much more balanced manner. A good attitude of approach steadies us, and we have the platform for balance—an absolute necessity in profiting us toward the abundant life.
2. Life Gets Better with Balance
There are salons to help with both hair loss and too much hair, just as there are eating disorders of both eating too much and not enough. The abundant life is the balanced life—where we are informed by the correctness and suitability of our attitude and we decide upon the correct approach for the situation.
As is mentioned through Ecclesiastes chapter 3, in verses 1-9, there is a time and a place for every mood, action and response.
Balance is important because it is informed and empowered by our attitude, and it provides opportunities for revealing our competence. If we had a bad attitude our balance would be off. Balance ensures that our attitude is adept for the situation and harnessed, such that our world could see how situationally competent we can be.
3. Life Is Mastered with Competence
With the right platform—attitude—and the right level of choice and perspective—balance—our final challenge in mastering a situation is to deploy ourselves competently through attitude and balance.
Attitude (good thought) + Balance (right action) = Competence (fruitful life)
Competence is the final indicator of ultimate success. It is the right thought and the right behaviour for the given situation. That situation is hence mastered.
Life begins with attitude, gets better with balance, and is mastered with competence. When all three are activated—a sound attitude, the right balance for the occasion, and the resulting competence for our situations—we have what we need to live the abundant life.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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