Friday, November 16, 2012

A Life of Historic Occasions

When we live life as if it were a continual series of historical occasions—every moment from birth to death—we live with great purpose in that moment.
We resolve to think that every event has meaning and every bad event can be used to prepare us for a better approach to similar events, should they come, in the future.
A Purpose-Driven Life Keeps All of Life in Balance
When every instant is seen from the aspect of being a date with destiny we have less trouble accepting the tragedies and we receive the joys of life with less narcissistic pride. We hold both the joys and sorrows no further than at arm’s length and we are as prepared as we can be.
We are neither ahead nor behind.
From this vantage point we are better for ourselves, for others, and for God. We are better people.
We are using this stature of being—the appreciation of the historical significance of each event equally—with which to build our minds and the way we think through right spiritual perspective. We are also using this as a frame through which to encapsulate the developing portrait of our lives, one brushstroke at a time.
Through thinking right we feel in more even-keeled ways. And when we deal with the overflow of our feelings this way, we can sympathise with ourselves, and forgiveness is easier.
The Choice When There’s Really No Other Sensible Choice
Life actually becomes much easier when the choice becomes obvious; when alternatives to the right choice are bleak, harrowing, and beyond good judgment. The alternatives really are very unattractive; i.e. a wasted life.
But we don’t always make wise choices. I think God accounts for this in the way that we have many second chances to right the wrong decisions we make. It’s only pride that stands in our way. And when we allow the bubble of humility to rise to the top, and so break through the liquid of arrogance, we become open to the right choice.
When we are ready to make the right choice—to view life as meaningful, however well or poorly our experience aligns—we begin to approach each moment of our lives in a different way. We see each moment as historical, as evidenced by the witness of God. Whether it’s convenient or not, we have nothing less than God’s full Presence with us, always. If that won’t make all our moments historic I don’t know what will.
Every living moment is an historic occasion. When our lives agree with this fact we have much driving purpose fuelling our lives. Meaning for life is as simple and powerful as knowing every moment is priceless.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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