Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Temporary Hardship, Everlasting LORD

Beyond all problems,
Shines still the sun’s rays,
Even through the clouds,
To light up our days.
Beckoning our hope,
Our days can transcend,
The end of the rope,
Where our hearts do rend.
Helping us with meaning,
Attributions of life,
God is the one deeming,
We are safe and beyond strife.
Closing hearts is madness,
How are we to rather suppose,
To achieve divine gladness,
And to attain peaceful repose?
Beyond All Problems – There is God
The eternal nature of life sets itself in our consciousness at our beckon call. We can see the eternal facts of life ever turning when we open the eyes of our hearts.
Some things in life—countless numbers of things—the things of God—never, ever change. Unlike our moods, the disposition of our hearts, our circumstances, the people we relate with, and all sorts of other things, God is unchanging and unchangeable. This fact is manifest in the nature of life.
Our problems are bound to dredge up thick and misty clouds of doubt, worry, anger, and contempt, but at every problem there is the opportunity—to allow the light to pass through the clouds in ways to light up our days.
So, our days can transcend the extent of our problems if we are mindful of the Lord in our going out and coming home.
God is the one helping us with meaning regarding helpful and hopeful attributions of life, and, in this, God is the one that is deeming us safe for passage beyond strife.
In consideration of these facts, that God is eternal and our problems are temporary, closing our hearts is madness. We will not achieve divine gladness, and attain a peaceful repose, unless we keep our hearts open. Open hearts before God are blessed eventually.
Problems and difficulties will always be part of our lives, but, where we are able to remain cognisant of the eternal Presence of God, anxiousness is offset by a prevailing thankfulness leading to a stilling peacefulness.
Even though our lives seem permanent here and now, there is something much more permanent—and ever permanent in its permanence—is the concept of eternity. The difficulties we experience now are hardly comparable with the glory we shall experience then.
Bearing close to mind the hope of glory in eternity, our temporary difficulties and problems are put into perspective. Our problems are endurable.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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