Friday, September 21, 2012

Outlasting Broken Dreams

“Perhaps a greater tragedy than a broken dream is a life forever defined by it.”
It would not be too much of an exaggeration to say that most of our lives are characterised by broken dreams. Some have endured very traumatically these fractured designs of life that promised so much at the time but delivered so little. But, by and large, we have all had our lives reduced to options untenable, and for that we grieved.
But there is a wonderful truth left to sunbake on our consciousness as we deliberate regarding the risk of staying stuck in the midst of broken-dream land.
It is amazing how many people, for instance, give up on God because a significant event occurred to stunt their hopes. But the reality is, the moment we give up on the goodness in life, because we are shattered by our disappointments, is the very tragic moment we have sold ourselves into an horrendous life of bitterness, fear, and reticence.
By Far a Better Goal – Get Resilient
This truth goes far beyond mere pop psychology. It is a very tenet of faith—the obedient life God calls us all to.
Our broken dreams need to be outlasted. When we take life upon the assumption that we will have to endure broken dreams we are ready and able to endure them as they occur. There is no lack of pain, but there is the brightness of hope that the pain ebbs away, eventually, in response to us taking it at truth.
When we outlast our broken dreams we get to dream up new dreams.
When we continue along the Divine Road—the path God has us on—at accord with our humblest discernment—the presence of broken dreams, like speed bumps in the road, present as evidence of what we grew over.
These are very real opportunities to grow through the unrealised visions, and go onward toward those visions within our futures that may be realised.
This is never easy terrain, and we kid ourselves if we are to think it is. But if we never ultimately give up, and we battle through the grief involved in managing our loss, we will outlast the broken dream, and we will redeem vision of a newer dream.
When we outlast our broken dreams we get to dream up new dreams. Broken dreams were never meant to define us other than to show how we endured them to create something better. God has a better dream for us to realise. It is for us to have faith and persist.
© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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