Sunday, February 12, 2012

It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

Journey of being,

Long as we chug,

Is never about fleeing;

Only God pulls the plug.


Life – Cherished Or Endured

The range of responses to life varies from person to person, but the two archetypes above—as they are known by the personality, or seasonal as they present themselves—characterise responses in the main. We either cherish life or we endure it.

Not many, though, cherish life from beginning to end and every part in between—would there even be one? We’re realistic when we say life has a sting about it and everyone gets stung. To cherish all of life is unrealistic. Much of it we’ll need to endure.

Notwithstanding, times where we can cherish the moment are appreciated—though at times not as much as we should appreciate them. Looking back from the point of pain we always wish we were back there—back where life felt abundantly good.

Overall we can accept that sometimes we’ll cherish life; other times we’ll simply endure it. Maybe there is more of the latter than the former.

Two Situations Where The Will For Life Comes Unstuck

With the greatest foreseeable respect, we come now to consider the dead or dying; those who gave up their lives, surrendering to the demon within, and those well on the way. Subjects like this are not easily discussed. But the warnings are too urgent to ignore.

Young people and people of mid-age—people of any age, really—can be plagued with a will insufficient to live; whether they choose an active suicide or simply discharge their lives so irresponsibly to convey this approach, is irrelevant. They have lost the will to endure it.

Then there are people of old age who, for varying reasons, come to some sort of precipice and expect to die, but don’t, or they simply give up. Through no rhyme or reason they cannot be consoled; their attitude will not be converted to hope.

As concerned family members looking on we can do our best, and only that.

As concerned family members we can draw meaning as we reflect on our own lives. What would we do if we were faced with the same situation? Could we endure it? There is no right or wrong “yes” or “no” answer to such a variegated question. All we can do is appreciate the truth: life’s not over until it’s over.

We won’t always know the purpose in enduring; such knowledge, despite our frustration, may be irrelevant.


Many people give up on a project, a phase, or life prematurely. They may sense, or even predict, the end, but the end has not come until it’s come. Let us resolve now not to give up before we’re tempted to.

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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