Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Creating Space for Freedom

Be in the space.”

It may seem incredibly hard to sustain; but once it’s established, as a matter of concurrent course, it will prove its worth, even to a measure we cannot grasp now.

Being in the freeing spaces we can find ourselves is being emptied, not of meaning, but of distraction, of frustration, of conflict; of many forms of dissonance. We dream of being able to ‘be present’. Now we can be.

Discovering What To Rid Ourselves Of

To enjoy the impenetrable privilege of being in the best existential space we must get rid of barriers to the achievement of it; anything that gets in the way.

It sounds simple, yet we know how complex it is. These things we need to rid ourselves of are present daily before us, afresh each day in different ways, so ridding ourselves of these things is to become a habit, if we’re to enjoy a lasting sense of simply being.

Those actual things we need to rid ourselves of we already know. We’ve perhaps been promising ourselves these things, to attain or retain our peace, for months, even years.

We make a list, then we prioritise the list.

Only the top one or two are worth working on—they’ll produce enough gain for us to know an increased sense of being which supplements life. We need to be committed and decisive, being on our own sides.

Making Gain Of Loss

We human beings hate loss, yet life is so full of losses and losing. It would be better to make an art form of jettisoning the things we accumulate that only tend to entrap us in forms of senseless present and future loss.

If we can predict the pain, why do we continue along a losing path that destines us for such pain? We have enough vision to see and enough control to steer ourselves along a better path.

Our lives should become less and less complicated, not more and more.

Getting rid of likely future losses, and those things causing us loss now, is simply wisdom. The less we have, the less we’re burdened, the happier we generally are. And only from such a position are we able to know with any degree of assurance what our Lord is calling us to.

This is because communication channels, spiritually, are open and never clearer.


Being in open space, free from within ourselves, is the greatest existential reality—to exist and to simply enjoy existing for what that is.

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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