Saturday, February 11, 2012

Creating Happiness

Now we design what life’s to be,

Picking up nuances fashioned of glee,

Intention’s to bring it, now, right here,

Let’s get that abundantly clear.

Creating around us, visions of bliss,

Challenging ideas where anything’s amiss,

No thought extended to what’s apparently ‘due’,

Leaving sadness behind—our days are too few.

Notions of happiness, straight and glad,

Heartened within, beyond vision of bad,

No longer maddened, because life made no sense,

No longer saddened, putting up defence.

Ripples of effect, positive intent,

Thoughts quite like those we like to be lent,

Enjoying common fellowship or aloneness alike,

Creating happiness is like riding a bike.


Ripples Of Effect

Creating happiness is an effect that emanates from within, where positive thoughts in response to our existing environment are able to emerge because we have willed the feeling of well-being. So, maybe before positive thinking there is feeling; to feel good because we can.

Extending further outward from the notion of inner bliss, is our effect on our world. A happy person cannot help creating happiness external to themselves; their gladness is fuel for others’ momentary rumination.

Somehow there is a strange sense of lightness evident—a spiritual quality we can’t quite put a finger on. But we like it. It’s like receiving a massage, watching a fireplace burn, or hearing the trickle of a water feature.

Ripples of effect are projections of gladness, challenging the dour borders; with dynamic wave energy they meet the stern resolve, transforming some of it into humour and kindly being. Those that are yet unyielding we accept; no judgment.

Creating Happiness – A Matter Of Intent

The straightest line is the most direct way of achieving a result: to create happiness.

All of this is a matter of intent because, though such a bold and magnanimous gesture may in some ways be flawed, there is nothing much to lose and so much more to gain. Those who resolve be happy will find it, eventually. And their happiness is benevolence for others in their path; those in the corridor of their ripple.

So, as we design our day, reflecting over what has been, happy enough with it, but happier to go beyond it, we set in motion a plan; whether by sequence, or milestone, or one single goal—we can achieve one happy moment, creating it, rippling to the next.


Happiness is a ripple that tends further outward affecting the lives we love and those we associate with. If our resolve is to create happiness, from the raw materials of what we have, we will achieve it—and it won’t be achieved just for us alone; others, too, will benefit. And then God is pleased.

Happiness ripples both ways: 1) positive thought creates assurances of wellbeing. 2) positive thought generates loving interactions. Create happiness and everyone wins.

© 2012 S. J. Wickham.

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