Sunday, November 20, 2011

United to God in Presence

There is no heartier a gift: the experience of nothing less than the full Presence of the Lord, as love overwhelms us in the majesty of wellbeing. Yet, we must make efforts to desire that sense of Presence.

Still, we’re liable to slip from such a Presence—not that God would have it this way. His desire is to have us fully, interminably, without distraction; so we are able to foist all our cares upon that Presence.

Choosing That We Can Have Over That We Cannot

We are near to God always, by the proximity of our living state, being part of God’s world and never apart, yet we will prefer—too often—by habit and ‘sensible’ foolish reason—to reflect over what we don’t have rather than what we do.

We believe our eyes too much, and we keep watch over things we wish for but cannot have. God reminds us, through these, his Presence is all we have.

We may be near to God and, therefore, never closer to love, but we miss it in an instant—just about every instant—we don’t intentionally look for it, desiring after it; that which we can have, anytime.

Faith Draws Us Close

That which is invisible, but never more real, certainly by definition of the eternal, is difficult to grasp—the many will say. This is not true. God hides his Presence from nobody, for it can be felt by faith—even as God feels far-flung.

Indeed, God is ever real as we consider the evidence all about us.

Faith denigrates doubt over that sense of spiritual loneliness that all coming-mature Christians will face from time to time. Perhaps there is anxiety; perhaps, fear; most likely, indecision. It matters little, for the Presence of the Lord is compelling us to grow; Divine love, the catalyst as we are swung into the cauldron of testing.

Behold, we can glory in the fact of God’s silence; a silence which is, no better, the sign of God’s Presence with us. The Lord has ‘left us’ (alone) for the purposes of trust. We are trusted to grow through this patch.

We ought to still know Love remains never more uniquely present. The admiration of the Lord, we have.

Feeling Ever United

More than a feeling, and certainly a fact, yet we are not to know, unless by Divine gift: being united with the Lord is the undeniable and continual state of being.

More than a feeling, perhaps. But our humanity is imprisoned to our feelings. Even more reason to sow into the Presence of the Lord so as to know that love that abounds in, through, and for us.

Feeling ever united with God is baying in never a more truthful thing. We have nothing less than the full Presence of the living Lord of lords, with us, continually, in this world. Feeling united is to abide in the truth.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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