Monday, November 7, 2011

L.I.F.E. Creed

CREEDS FORTIFY the living of life; they create for us, focus. Here is a simple L.I.F.E. Creed that enhances our philosophy, values intensity and courage, and views everything in the light of eternity:


Life is the learning ground and diligence and prudence are the ways there.

Life is what life is all about. That can seem almost too basic. Don’t miss it, however. Life is easier to miss than to hit. Diligence and prudence equal Wisdom in the science of self-mastery; for, who can have good relationships without self-respect?

The blessed life is in actively rejecting selfish tendencies. I must live in a way that treats challenges as opportunities, especially where people are concerned.

Intensity is the byword of the God-loyal person—will I engage today?

In my intensity I’m to make no room for petty complaint. As a flooding tidal surge clears away the effect of stagnation, the intensity of my valour is creaming away any vestige of moral indolence.

Intensity only has room for truth, as a method, and passion, as a vehicle.

Intensity is commitment and passion rolled into one—that’s a resilient loyalty to not only other people, but to the tasks and machinations of life.

Intensity equals unbridled success in the spiritual realm.

Fortune favours the brave; the intrepid endeavour of faith fortified by vision.

Life is, of a sense, a series of bunched opportunities—and in-between, waiting. It takes courage to live this life.

Blessed are the courageous, for they have remained open to vision, and their faith has been vindicated.

Luck is where opportunity meets preparation. Fortune and favour unpeel, exposed to uncommon audacity. I ought to remain at the cutting edge of myself.

Eternity is the purpose and goal. Life signals eternity.

A healthy view of life is a healthy view of eternity. It’s about looking forward, hopefully, to each part of each day, for the living God is with me wherever I go.

As a purpose, eternity is now. It is always relevant, forever captivating; so truthful, it’s a mystery. Yet, it compels and impels me.

As a goal, eternity is what life is all about. To be home is to go home. Finally home, upon my earthly death, I will join the reality beyond reality. It’s worth waiting all my life for.


Comparative to many, we are rich materially; which means two things. We ought to be fundamentally grateful. Secondly, it highlights we are not necessarily spiritually rich—which is true wealth.

L.I.F.E. Creed is about redeeming the spiritual riches.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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