Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Enjoying Soul-Soothing Sensualities

MESMERISED BY FIRE, captivated by trickling water, a healing massage, or allured emotionally by the cathartic sound of a Zambian choir singing gospel songs—natural sensualities beat ‘processed entertainment’ any time.

My first really nice car was fitted with B.F. Goodrich Radial T/A tyres.

The sound of those tyres on the road was like driving through a symphonic tunnel. No matter how bad my day had gone just jumping behind the wheel felt good; I would drive down the road and enjoy the sound of those tyres on the road—it was such an invigorating and calming influence over my life back then.


Our Western way creates problems for the senses; we quickly lose control, ending up in dependencies beyond both our will and means. What the soul really yearns for is to be soothed.

Soul-soothing is a blessing of God; it fights those dependencies—and wins!

þ Why would we drink alcohol when we have dozens of better tasting non-alcoholic drinks to taste and enjoy? Besides, there’s no better feeling than being sober.

þ Why do people smoke cigarettes when the smell of fresh air is infinitely better—and so many aromas of fragrance are available to savour?

þ Why would people be the slightest bit interested in fast processed food when the natural alternative tastes better and is so much more salubrious? Great is the achievement to feel hungry before a meal or to stop eating before feeling overly full.

þ Why watch or read pornographic material when there is edifying, fascinating, and wondrous things with which to treat the eyes? There are treats for the eyes everywhere if we have eyes to see.

þ Sound is an interesting one. How soothing the sounds of Zambian worship and the trickling water feature. Or, the gentle metronomic harmonics of nature’s music—the patter of rain on a roof; the breaking of thunder; even the crackle of a fire. Sound can be either beautiful therapy or driving us to distraction in the form of noise.


The beauty of the natural appeals to our sensuality; little of it is needed to soothe the soul.

We enjoy learning about such stimuli, and each time we experience it we can thank God for such simplicity of joy.

Soul-soothing sensualities are nothing to feel guilty about. On the contrary, our five senses combine to realise blessing, and the Lord provides ample feedstock to ensure our sensuality performs its part in receiving such joyous abundance.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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