Sunday, November 27, 2011

During Low Times Accepting Just Who We Are

Discouragement and wearisome episodes, times when all sense of hope vanishes, remind us of the goodness we perhaps take for granted—if we can still see such goodness as it wraps around our lives.

One of the traps we fall for in such low times is the default of self-criticism.

Without a moment’s thought we climb into the act of vandalising our precious hearts by disparaging decisions made in good faith and some made without all the information.

Low times are a breeding ground for the divisive voice within to go berserk upon visions of self-belief; the efficacy making it possible for us to live a good life. Low times put this sense of self-worth at great jeopardy.

The Frailties of Change

We may specifically criticise ourselves for not changing, when the truth of the matter is only God can change us by the miracle of Spiritual provision. Any other change is, at best, to be short-lived.

We may want to change, and be more resilient or stoic in dealing with difficult or discouraging circumstances. We want to be stronger, but alas we cannot really change our personalities; just accept them in the same grace with which God forgives us.

Self-forgiveness is a great life skill; a beauty of life formation and true perspective.

The Nature of Self-Condemnation and Self-Destruction

Let’s face it, and be honest with ourselves, any weakness is a bullseye for the troubled spirit, because we will do anything to amend such a troubled spirit, even if that means ripping ourselves apart in the process.

By this we prove to ourselves that we don’t like feeling all at sea, emotionally.

We can know that whenever it is us, and only us, who does the destroying, awareness should be piqued—alarm bells ringing—that we wouldn’t ordinarily accept someone else treating another person like this. Yet, even applying such self-damage is justified, ironically, if it might fix the problem.

But we should know, almost every time, it doesn’t fix the problem—it makes problems worse.

Time for Self-Compassion

Where has our wisdom escaped to?

Whilst we may not admit being wise within our peer group, we allow ourselves periods of self-appropriation to that virtue. This is not a vain or self-conceited appropriation; it’s a fair assessment made on a good day when life is okay and our decisions are on point.

When we are of a right mind we accept ourselves, carte blanche.

Just the same, during periods of lowness, blessing persists in reminding ourselves that we are okay, and like other times this time, too, shall pass.


Besides God, who do we have as an advocate if we don’t have ourselves? Accepting who we are during low times is the grace of God personally experienced. Everyone has the right of such experience, always.

© 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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