Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Today Odyssey – A Project for Happiness

Stop right now, sit up and pay attention. Unless you’re perfectly happy that is. Those who are perfectly content should not read this as it contains material that is designed to change people and make them happier. It’s therefore most probable that the person who reads this will expect change and to become happier; that for a perfectly happy person would be a waste of time.

Okay, enough of that nonsense!

The truth is we all want to be ‘happier’ because deep down there are always things about our lives that are not the way they’re supposed to be... not if we had our way.

It is also potentially nonsense for another reason. Perhaps what is written below is, for some or even many, totally off-mark and therefore a waste of time in any event.

Still, it can only be read, thought about, absorbed and tried.

Taking a Trip to Momentary Happiness

What if nothing in our lives was to change from how they are today?

Could we live with that reality?

Some people would scream at that; others might be able to accept it. Still others will be disappointed because it would mean saying goodbye to cherished, but as yet unachieved, goals.

How wonderful a concept it is to contemplate right now that happiness is a choice that any of us can experience—barring clinical pathologies to the contrary—in this present moment.

The today odyssey is about becoming firmly grounded in the happiness and acceptance of today’s reality. It’s a trip to current happiness.

Happiness in the ‘current’ form can be held as long as we’re consciously aware of it. Therefore, our conscious minds hold the key, really, to willed happiness, despite what other problems might be present. Perfect happiness it may not be, but ‘happier’ as a destination in the present moment it is.

It’s An Odyssey

Special and unusual trips are odyssey-like. They have about them features of adventure. The today odyssey is, of a sense, a trip out of any present darkness into a lighter place where there is more light—not perfect light, just better light.

This odyssey is actually very unique because it is agreeing to work with ‘today’s’ context. It assesses the features of the day and then it decrees happiness by setting out to think, feel and be happier. It takes responsibility for how it feels.

It’s not pretending the darkness doesn’t exist, for the darkness has almost always existed. It doesn’t deny the darkness as much as it transforms it, meeting the particular needs of the moment’s darkness.

It’s an odyssey every time because the days change and our thoughts and feelings do too. Yesterday’s adventure was completely different to today’s.

Still, it takes courage to undertake such odysseys. But rich is one’s reward!

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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