Friday, November 5, 2010

The Perchant for Productiveness

Far too many people are swallowed whole in the rat-race. Turn that around! Why shouldn’t we just enjoy working our butts off, reaping every spiritual blessing as we reflect over our ‘power’ moments just gone?

What an abject thrill it is to swim within the realm of life, busy and loving it.

This is nothing about being swamped, troubled in mixed priorities, a gasp from burnout.

What this game is about is being a pure inspiration, climbing boldly and joyfully through the playground maze, which is life.

Going Further In – What’s This Image Look Like?

We all have quite diverse lives—though some are incredibly varied.

The clarity of the image before us is so much good productiveness that many of our tasks and relationships are blessed in our interaction with them. Perhaps so much even that we’ve lost count and have since given up bothering regarding the counting.

Our sense of wellbeing in this space is incredibly buoyed. And it’s not as if it’s adrenalin that fires our furnace. Adrenalin has the nuance of rushing about it and this sort of productivity is nothing about rushing.

This sort of wellbeing has an abundance about it that can only be fairly attributable to God. Indeed, whether we attribute it to God or not, this is the gospel-lived reality.

Notwithstanding who owns the ‘intellectual technology’ for such pursuits, bliss has contained us and joy envelopes us, purely because of the feedback our roles in life give us. In other words, our ‘doings’ are supplementing our sense of ‘being’. We’re simply loving our work.

Making This Thoroughly Gorgeous Image a Reality in Your Life

From the outset we must truly appreciate that there are times for this penchant for productiveness and there are other times.

It’s a vast-ranging folly to think we can live productively every single day, or even every single moment of a single day—though we perhaps have plenty of personal examples of that happening.

So, it’s about picking our day and time, or rolling with it on the day.

I’ve found it’s enough simply to have two or three of these days per week, or even one. Any more than three ‘big’ days and we might start to get weary. Sleep, too, is incredibly important. Feeling well rested is very much a given to achieve optimally, especially over the mid- to long-term.

We know when we’ve achieved all this, because we stop trying to journal about everything that’s happening—because there’s too much good stuff to really journal about—and we’re simply trying to capture the mood. After all, journaling is not so much about capturing the things we do as it is capturing the transformational bases of what these things mean.

This reality is a slowly burgeoning potential for us.

First, it’s about recognising our recent days that resembled this hot sort of inspired productiveness and then it’s about simply enjoying more of that. Second, it’s about resting in the knowledge that not all days can be destined this way. There’s a great deal of peace in allowing ourselves vital rest.

Productiveness is essentially about balance.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.


  1. May God truly grant us the grace to walk in freedom, living life to "The Audience of ONE!" Running our race with full assurance and joy! Love your thoughts. :) Have a fun-filled day of life! Julie

  2. Thank you, Julie, for stopping by to encourage like that. I pray your day, also, is fun-filled! God bless, Steve.


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