Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Entering into Your REAL Reality

The gold of the soul is invariably hidden beneath the miry veneer of the maladapted personhood. We all have one. Accepting this and moving on beyond it should be a most urgent objective.

And there enters the concept of training, for we’ve all adapted ourselves—generally so—to be rather pursuant of victimhood, sinking evermore into the lesser self.

In simple terms we gravitate to this maladapted person in a flash. Some call it the ‘wounded child state’. Something negative happens and we commence seeing things in ways that get us responding emotionally, uncontrollably and illogically. Then afterwards, when the rational adult in us has returned, we feel guilty and remorseful.

A Better Outcome

Many sceptics denigrate this thought, however. “Real self, false self... what’s this rot?” will be the unsaid, though dismissed, imperative. Then comes a time when an adherence to these principles would certainly come as a benefit. But it’s probably like many things—nothing ventured, nothing gained. We don’t know until we give it a go.

A better outcome for our lives is going past the easily-hurt self.

There’s no gain and plenty to lose in the approach to life that suffers for hurt, for it surrenders control to others we don’t even like, or others we love and can’t help loving—those who use this love-power in controlling ways. Both situations are polarising in their impossibility so we best just not go there.

A better outcome—the journey inside to the real reality of us; for there are plenty of false realities we more easily venture into—is to capture the truth as it really exists, and the acquisition of that is a journey all its own.

Finding and Accepting Our Essence

To a journey without end we go. It’s a journey to the essential self that God’s created; a voyage of self-discovery toward acceptance.

We cannot more fully address our ‘other’ problems until we reconcile with our source. As God is our source there’s a Divine desire for each of us to be really honest with ourselves as we deal more or less painfully with our pasts. This is about digging deep into the formation and character of our identities.

With the love and support of trusted others—and our faith in God, of course—we can do this. We daren’t take this journey alone unless we feel God’s there willing us that way, so we’re fortified for it.

The gold of the soul is there beneath our miry veneers; yes, for all. A purpose of life is the treasure hunt—finding the God-placed treasure within. It can also be seen as a mining operation. We dig out our ore and then refine it for pure mineral... pure gold.

God knows how much pure gold exists in each of us—for everyone it is there in abundance. Our job is to discover all these valuable deposits and refine them.

The inner glow of joy and peace for us is the eventually-felt result.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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