Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Taking the Higher Road

Options in life can be powerful or dreadful, it just depends on our outlook. Given one, two or three likely outcomes – especially as they relate to things beyond our direct control – we’re best finding a safe place in each potential eventuality.

Peace and happiness is all about control. If we feel out of control, as if others have it over us, we’ll struggle for any semblance of lasting peace and contentment.

This is the external locus of control—little direct control over, and little felt responsibility for, life. These people tend to blame others for their own faults and therefore they surrender the only ticket they have to win lasting inner peace.

Which Way When All Ways Feel Wrong?

There are times in life when we’re asked decisively to go to the left or to the right—one or the other—instead of continuing as we are. We’re given the choice and at times both ways seem awkward, and avoidance is our way.

Denial is often easier than taking the courage to plunge into change—or so it seems.

And, yet, denial leads us down a road to nowhere really, for we still have to deal eventually with that freight train coming directly towards us.

Finding Safety in All Potential Eventualities

What is perhaps most important to us, personally, is ensuring our emotional and spiritual wellbeing in change. Sometimes, however, we don’t know how to do this.

This is where thought comes to bear over our situations and all possible manifestations regarding outcome; thought toward innovated ‘space’ to cater for change.

Our goal has to be a position of contentment over whatever transpires because we cannot control this issue, or others’ planning, so we attempt to control what only we can.

That is our response to whatever comes about.

Configuring Winning Positions

When all denominators are considered we find ourselves holding these potential resting realities, or those positions we find ourselves in when the dust has finally settled.

This is essentially about preparing our expectations so we’re not blindsided by a surprise we didn’t at all expect.

Configuring the various winning positions is about taking a higher road than feeling out of control and not at all responsible for dealing with the new reality.

It is the perception of foresight to control our approaching world, as far as it’s possible for us.

This is not very often easy, but it is blessed when we take the stoic courage to deal with truth. Change is coming at us and we’re very wisely advised to prepare for it. The best thing is, in these preparations, we often find ourselves getting used to it, and that often diminishes the problem of its own.

© 2010 S. J. Wickham.

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