Friday, October 9, 2009

What Holds Us Back? (“What if?”)

“And now for something completely different...” –Monty Python’s Flying Circus (1971).

If we were to totally and absolutely strip away all the human limits and holding conventions of the heart and mind; if we could just see—for even one moment—the possibility that lay before us, and begin to grasp the infiniteness that is truly before each life that lives, we’d live differently.

If we woke one day to the realisation and view of life that the day—the very moment—was precious, even if in torment, we’d live differently. We’d see with the eyes of faith a world of opportunity. Not some false, plastic world that we pretend exists, in the mire; but a world that can possibly break open anytime now or in the future.

And when we wake from a beautiful sleep and yawn with unknowledgeable innocence before our minds catch up with us, we are in this ‘place of everything’ where nothing is too much, and nothing quite yet weighs our souls and spirits down.

And when we wake from an altogether horrendous sleep—when the reality of horror surrounds our awoken being—likewise, we have the same ‘place of everything’ waiting there for us to claim it; yet, it appears distant and hardly there at all—though it is.

What holds us back? We do. Our own quick-to-judge views hold us back when we’d be safer and wiser to sit back, reserved and cautious—yet open minded, and importantly, open hearted.

This would be us showing ourselves the greatest kindness. This is an ironic kindness that most of us find incapable of bestowing upon ourselves.

What if we did? What if?

© S. J. Wickham, 2009.

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