Sunday, October 18, 2009

Heating Up the Platform – A Life at “Lift Off!”

Who’s ever truly lived and hasn’t undergone some sort of radical transformation, from deep within to life expressed outwardly, and radically different, personally speaking? I’m open to other thought on the matter, but I venture to say that no one who’s ever lived and lived well has ever done it without entering, and passing through, a cauldron of calamity, on the way to life that ‘looks’ so much different compared with that which we might’ve first imagined.

The issues of life are banal until life gets “interesting”; suddenly we’re put under the cosmic microscope and there at once we’re grilled for a time—and those, at times, unceasing. We’re tried and found wanting, we fail and fall, and then we get up, brush ourselves off and get back on that stallion called “life.”

When we’re at the sharp end of things, and the platform below us is heating up considerably (and quickly) we can only really (acceptably) respond with certitude and resilience—though not without a natural doubting fear and trepidation. We don’t really have another sane choice, but the astounding thing—and all of us relate—we often baulk and go the wrong way!

And until that platform of indignant despair heats up sufficiently we’ll amble through change never being truly engaged, and hence remaining non-transformed, as our commitment wanes in our weak moments. And we have plenty of these. Our lives unfortunately are often infused, characterised and defined by the ‘weak moment.’ And we continue being defeated.

When we’re ‘sick and tired of being sick and tired,’ that then (and only then) will be our impetus for transforming change!

We know we’ve reached the burning platform stage when we’re motivated to remind ourselves of what we need to do every day, several times a day, even moment by moment.

We’re no longer taking any chances as we want push onward and upward into the clouds of our better tomorrows. This is the most fervent, ever-present commitment.

And our resolve will be strong as long as it is. Nothing can stand in the way of our goals when we decide to nonchalantly and defiantly punch through barriers, never taking “compromise” as an answer.

© S. J. Wickham, 2009.

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