Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Three Ways to Really Blow Your Diet

One thing I’ve particularly struggled with over the years and particularly recently is binge-eating. It’s the sort of behaviour that I’ve engaged in over a weekend, and once I start onto that bag of choc-chip cookies I find I just don’t stop. Like with a great many things, I seem to have a very large tolerance for consuming things. Some would feel sick after a certain time--not me, and this isn’t especially good.

Three things I’ve learned as a self-confessed over-eater who seeks balance:

1. I must not eat until I’m over-full

I’ve learned that the taste of things gets me in and I can graze at meal time for 30 minutes or more. Not good. It’s probably best to eat for half that time and try to eat slower and enjoy the food.

Additionally, if we eat until we’re over-full we’ll slow our metabolisms down and feel sluggish and sleepy and have less vitality overall.

2. Eat nutritious, fibre-rich food (limit junk food)

At least if I fill up on fruit and vegetables first I’ve had my fill of fibre. Investigating healthy food choices and then disciplining ourselves to eat less junk is primary to securing a better life.

It’s easy to be fooled that daily or weekly doses of Hungry Jacks or KFC are delicious. The really delicious foods are the ones we create ourselves, in our own kitchens, with wholesome (cheap) food.

3. Control the amount and type of food I eat each day, one day at a time, for the rest of my life

If we eat fibre-rich food and drink plenty of water our bodies will love us for it. In other words, our health will be proven over our longevity.

Most of the Western-world’s diseases these days are self-induced. Diet and exercise play a huge preventative role in staving off disease and even agedness.


If we do these three things consistently we’ll never have to diet again and we’ll lose weight and look great (eventually). Not only that, we’ll feel great almost immediately, and we’ll actually start to truly live the better life right now!

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