Thursday, August 13, 2009

Are You Missing Peace & Contentment in Life?

It seems a reasonable enough question, doesn’t it? Are you experiencing peace or does your life resemble chaos, or perhaps even chaotic order? Achieving the balance in life where we’re able to achieve all we need to and then have time left over to do the things we want to do should not be a distant panacea, for it’s the things we want to do that give us the zest to do the things we need to do, not the other way around.

Many of us live our whole lives forgetting or dismissing this important truth. We go on each day surging and searching forward, doing our tasks and errands, but ever forgetting to take and make the transformational time we need in being truly us--the very spiritual person inside.

I recently reflected, in the toilet of all places, that the adrenalin pumping through my arteries and veins was not good; not for a consistently long time anyway.

Where does peace and contentment come from anyway? I believe they come from deep within us, and certainly to a depth impossible to plumb if we’re not seeking a spiritual centre of life.
I see spirituality and happiness (peace and contentment) as being mutually inclusive. One cannot truly exist without the other.

If you’ve been to the end of your tether lately and you’ve reached for a substance to sooth the aches and pains of your mind and heart i.e. you’ve been depressed, anxious, angry or withdrawn, take some time to re-acquaint with your spirit--no one knows you better.

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