Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sometimes Goodbye is a Second Chance

I have a training consultancy named “Second Chance Training” but it is something that I’ve not had the opportunity to sow into in the last few years. It’s not part of the present call of my life. I named it thus because, like many, I’ve been touched by, and therefore believe in, the theology of the ‘second chance.’

The song by Shinedown, Second Chance, is all about goodbyes and the life afterwards. It recognises very transparently the tension involved in trying to please a parent and gain their approval for the things we choose to do in life. It’s going beyond this, however, onto a place of respected rejection for the overbearing parent’s wishes i.e. those wishes that have gone wrong.

It’s the resolution made by an adult person to take responsibility for their own life, beyond the control of parents and other individuals with influence over their lives. It’s a tough decision to stand in the breech, to defend one’s call--to follow the dream vocation contrary to the behest of others.

The second chance is breathing space. It’s a moratorium for those close encounters; them that are too close to predict... the volatile situations.

Chances are that the person who’s taken the bit between their teeth will eventually achieve the respect and acknowledgement of loved ones who find their decisions so hard. There’s a second chance in life. Many have realised these outcomes, but not without short-term costs to the relationship.

It is a long road, life. We really must know what we’re about, and then, commit to it. If it’s a good thing we’re trying to do, we must back ourselves and believe. Sometimes goodbye is a second chance, but always remain open to the changing of the heart; always. Let grace be your guide.

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