Thursday, October 13, 2016

This Day, the Lord Has Made, for the Living

One day it will be all over: life. Many have come. Many will come. Then there is us. You and me. Ensconced on the nib of time. Life. What we have. Now. For this time. Only.
Then what comes, comes.
But now is the time, to plan, to prepare, the best we can, to live what life we can. And in the planning and preparing to find time to live. To have sufficient faith to plan, knowing that plans may come to nothing. Yet still to plan.
As a husband I enjoy being married, but it’s as a father that I sense that time marches on, and being a father of a pre-schooler occasionally concerns me in the opposite way — what if I die before he can remember me?
Life makes me contemplate because of the tenuousness of life. Like the near-miss on the road — a second earlier or later: history is written in these events. Lives are placed upside down and find themselves ever in a spin. Then, more than ever, we realise just how fragile life is. Cancer diagnoses, marriage breakdowns, as much as clean bills of health and announcements of impending weddings… the events of life that happen in most if not all lives.
As a parent, there is time in the presence of our children we don’t capitalise on, yet when we’re away we miss them terribly at times. As a partner, we think of our spouse, and we don’t often enough thank God for them.
Life. Blink and we miss big bits of it. Yet, it lingers and takes literally a lifetime to live.
The imperative is to live. Live. As if there were no tomorrow, and we were about to meet God and give an account of our lives.
You are living, so live. Live the best you can this very moment. And if it’s rest you’re called to, rest. If action, then act.
God gives us this day. What we do with it is up to us.
May God truly bless you as you live, senses engaged in realm of time,
Steve Wickham.

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