Thursday, October 6, 2016

Conflicted Emotions Are Welcome In the Kingdom of God

When the lawyer heard the high court had ruled against his client — a deaf woman seeking to be a juror, necessitating a thirteenth person in the jury — he was (they were) both disappointed yet undeterred. They felt both emotions simultaneously.
We all do. Many situations in life we find ourselves having to put on a calm front whilst seething inside. Or, we may present a stoic exterior whilst being shattered within.
When our partner asks us what we think, or how we feel, we may at that time have two equal though opposing truths operating in unison within ourselves, such is the confusion we often face in our emotions.
This, of course, is a reality that is acceptable in the Kingdom of God. We were made that way; to be all at sea at times.
It helps and does not hinder that we accept this about ourselves — that certain situations leave us reeling for the ability to reconcile circumstances. Yet it would hinder us if we were told we had to ‘wise up’ and sort ourselves out and snap out of it.
God made us as emotional beings, and we’re best surrendering to the forces of truth that impact us. Being real in the moment, we journal about those feelings that well up from nowhere, and grasp the cognisance of the flurry of our thoughts.
Rather than reject our emotions as being silly, we’re silly if we don’t take our emotions seriously, and give them their due regard.
May God truly bless you through a shalom in your entire emotional world,
Steve Wickham.

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