Saturday, October 22, 2016

Looking Backward From the Future

The Abundant Life leads, step-by-tremulous-step, day-by-striving-day, into a Land we look back from. It’s the future as we see it right now, but, in its own time, it will be a time from which we’ll look back on — the future now being the past as we look back then.
Can you see it? — much as a new thing in the livery of Isaiah. If you anticipate it, the perspective will surely bless your day; if you live it, the perspective will certainly bless your life.
If we look back from the future we only see the past, and the worst result is regret. But if we look back from the future, by borrowing the experience of vision, we take aboard our ship of grace, wisdom, which is the ballast of the Abundant Life.
The wise look back as a function of moving forward. They don’t forget the vastness of wisdom in the matter of experience, for surely experience is a devoted and trustworthy Teacher. And how good is the Teacher who makes of extraneous lessons that which would otherwise be lost to experience?
Looking back from the future is God’s perspective over a life that is still so potentially fraught with error and folly. Looking back from the future, the Teacher reproaches the mistakes that are still yet to be made, cautioning for correction before it’s too late.
Reproof is better than regret, for re-assessment is better than remorse.
Meaning for the present is founded in looking backward from the future pondering a whole life lived.
May God truly bless you as you receive the Abundant Life of looking back from your future! — even from death’s door, as impetus for life that is yet to be lived.
Steve Wickham.

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