Friday, October 2, 2015

Nurturing the Vision of What Not Yet Is

IT OCCURRED as I took a glance at myself in the mirror of a window I was walking by — “I’m not there yet,” was my instant observation of perception. I’d lost 10kg but I still had at least 10kg to go. But then something triggered in my mind: I’ve been nurturing a vision of a skinnier me and, even though I’m not there yet, my practices are supporting that vision of what not yet is.
We’re certainly heading to where we’re going; there’s no doubt of it. The future is coming and the future is real. What future we unload upon ourselves is the present we live with intention in. All of life is intention.
Nothing of life is without intention. We each are propelled forward on a trajectory of our own choosing, by those attitudes we select and those behaviours we choose.
And it’s with intention that we either choose a vision for personal greatness — an anointing God has given us to live into — or a vision that someone else would have us live; a vision with no specialness about it at all. It’s our choice!
Nurturing the vision we have of ourselves of what not yet is; it’s a faith journey with nothing to lose and plenty to gain. Most of all that could be gained is the untold mercies we derive from what we couldn’t see in the vision that God provided. As visions come to pass in our lives, God always surprises us with a new thing we hadn’t reckoned upon.
Nurturing the vision of what not yet is is the way to experience a foretaste of what is beckoned into existence.
Prayerfully we communicate our deepest wishes to God and God returns these wishes to us in our subconscious.
We furnish these wishes with the resources that come from what our lives can draw on. We encompass the vision by seeing how it can become interwoven into the fabric of our narrative.
We work these wishes into the nucleus of our being. And a vision is formed. And the gladness of hope expands our perspective and our horizons flourish.
Daring to dream in the colours of boldness, captivating a vision, bringing the dream to a vision’s reality, we see the hope that such a dream can attain.
We are here, anyway. We might as well put our time and efforts to good use. Dream up a vision of God’s will in life and set about achieving it.
Believe in the dream God’s given you. Nurture that vision of what not yet is.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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