Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Eternity’s Blessings In the Love Language of Quality Time

QUALITY time is a love language of many people I know. But isn’t it strange that quality time is almost always more about quantity time than it is about shorter periods of real so-called quality time.
Quality time seems indeed to be a commitment toward spending enough time doing worthwhile things. Quality time could be defined by its converts as “a commitment not to get bored while you spent time with me.” Perhaps it’s even, “a commitment to enjoy me as long as we can be together.”
Quality time is quantity time spent in quality ways.
I’ve found that many people who align as quality time people know they’re needy in this respect. Some are needier than others. But such a neediness, even at a moderate level, can prove draining on people, especially if others are contemplative.
If we truly want to help someone with the need of our quality time we’ll do a dance: on the one hand we’ll be available in relatively liberal ways, yet on the other we’ll commit to a caring and gentle form of honest communication. Most people appreciate our truth, but it’s most acceptable when it comes from humility — from an acknowledgement of our lack and focusing not on theirs. If it’s our time that’s hard to find, we need to be honest. If we’re not helping them, we need to be honest. If we’re feeling boxed in, we need to be honest about how we feel. We can only take responsibility for what we can control.
Quality time people most exemplify the eternal nature of life — they make the most of nature, relationship, care, and of loving fellowship. These are good things. The contemplative can learn a great deal from a quality time person. Principally they learn that time and space aren’t things to be coveted. Time and space are a gift from God, and quality time people can help the contemplative make the leap out of their idolatry.
The love of faith of quality time invested is a gift of eternal life.
Those who spend quality time with people, in faith, stand to learn so much about God, life, and eternity.
Quality time is a teacher if only we’ll be learners of the ancient craft of eternal life.
The chief surrender in the obedient life is that of time and space; to embark on eternity’s quest through the openness of partaking of quality time.
Quality time is a portent of eternal life in the realm of existence.
Only when we give up the time we have do we recognise we have given up what was never ours to begin with. Then we partake of something truly life-giving.
When we surrender our time to something we never thought worthwhile suddenly we learn what is truly worthwhile.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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