Thursday, August 27, 2015

What We Most Want

To be touched.
HAUNTING presences of awareness break past the barriers of our conscious intellect. These evocative seconds, fleeting as they are, are eternity’s bracket — a pithy taste of home — as we traverse this foreign sortie. The moment is so discreet, but it is weighty — God’s glory known in and through us.
To be touched is to know it’s but us and God.
To be touched is to understand the weight of glory in the Presence of God.
To be touched is to be met.
Haunting presences of awareness make their way as revelation into the sinews of our being. They massage their way through the material of what we are verily made of. These haunting presences of the Lord Almighty are the reality of the Lord in this realm. They are in a form as only we could experience them. And we are touched.
To be touched is to know transformation.
To be touched is to know that what was is now gone; what is has now come.
To be touched is to not look longingly back, but only to look forward; but to carry the past as a treasure with us. It’s ours. It’s a possession we’ll take with us into eternity.
Haunting presences of awareness create the sense of weight. To be touched like this is to know the Presence of God that never leaves us the same. Change has come. A miracle has been graced toward us. Perhaps we prayed for it. Maybe we had no idea.
God is real when we are touched by this haunting presence of awareness.
What we most want is to be touched by God — and perhaps atheists want it most. We must believe in God in this life or life makes precisely no sense whatsoever. If life doesn’t rise up to the heights of eternity we know we are away from home. Yet, earth is all we’ve known.
To be here on earth is to feel partly home and partly alive. We need to be touched.
To be touched in life with that ethereal sense that transcends the world is being touched by God.
We most want to be touched, not physically, but deeply spiritually.
The thing is if we embark toward the truth we will be touched.
If we seek God with all we have and all we are, then we will find him. Ultimately we will be touched greatly in ways that overwhelm all our preconceptions.
What we most want is to be touched by God’s inimitable Presence.
No pleasure of earth comes close. To know something of the weight of God’s glory, as much as we can in this life, is to be touched.

© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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