Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Life, a Daring Adventure or Nothing At All

“Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all.”
— Helen Keller (1880–1968)
MOUNTAINS, God is in the practice of throwing them into the sea at our behest. (Matthew 21:21)
This is how it applies to your life and mine.
God will move nothing if we won’t move nothing. God will move mountains, however, when we move into his direction (by his direction) of obedience by faith. Here, the only thing we need to be careful of is not moving just for the sake of moving, which would be to mobilise under our own direction, alone.
To go ahead of God’s Spirit is go ahead of his will, and we can never expect his favour to be with us when we are out on our own.
But God invites every single one of us to a daring adventure.
God’s mission for each one of us is the magna carta of our time. Our Lord is so intrinsically interested in our lives that he will make of our lives a daring adventure. It is only when we resist God or are scared of what he’s making of our lives that we end up with no life at all.
The Spiritual Battle – Life is a Warfare
Now this is where the spiritual battle commences — our awareness of it — for it started long ago.
The enemy of God wants us stifled, to struggle endlessly, for life to be strangled.
Being aware that difficulties surround us in this life is confirmation of a spiritual dimension we might otherwise not be aware of. When we take life as a daring adventure, we can know in advance that the enemy may well ramp up the pressure on us; but Satan cannot cater for one magnificent idea:
When we are in the will of God we are actually untouchable.
We are untouchable in this: God knows the wiles of the enemy. When our lives are about God, when our lives are no longer about ourselves, we can joyfully sustain whatever pressure comes our way; we are no longer the point.
Living in this reality is the most daring adventure we can imagine.
As we move into the path of God’s being — his Presence with us — by our faith of obedience, we move into the territory of a daring adventure. When our life has become lost in order that we can find our true life, life is a daring adventure.
Simply put, when our personal life comes last and our loved ones come first, and when others, too, come to be first, even our enemies, we have entered the narrow way of Matthew 7:13-14.
When we embark on this narrow way we have embarked on a daring adventure. Finally life is no longer about us anymore! And finally God can do powerful things in and through us.
To obey God in life is to be granted passage on a daring adventure, the Holy Spirit at the helm. But resist God and our life capitulates and becomes only what we would complain about.
When we are touched by God’s Presence, by being in his will, the enemy cannot touch us.

© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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