Sunday, August 2, 2015

Don’t Give Up, If You Like to Love

“DON’T give up because you like to love!” These were the Words the Holy Spirit communicated through my spirit into my soul. God knows the overtures of love we issue forth into this world, and just as much he knows the sting of rejection as we feel it when our love goes unrequited.
“DON’T give up because you like to love!” Don’t give up. Don’t change. This is the Word of the Lord. Because I like to love, and because not everyone’s up for my love, I will be rejected. My love will be taken as something unwelcome, as too much for some people, and as a social grace taken advantage of (such are the peculiarities of worldly life where suspicion seems to reign).
Yet every time I am rejected, in Jesus’ name, is every time my Lord is glorified, if not here on earth, with certainty in heaven. And by my response to not be offended, to not take it as a slight, and to continue to see the other person who has slighted me as worthy of my love, I glorify my Lord.
I use the first-person for good reason. It is my experience. Yet, I suspect, it is also yours. So these Words of the Lord apply to you, also. Don’t give up because you like to love.
You, like I, have the Holy Spirit living and active in you. We cannot deny this Spirit.
We cannot deny the works of love that the Spirit has laid up inside us.
We must obey the Spirit’s leading and love where we are convicted to love. If we don’t we quash the very lifeblood in us; we quench the Spirit strength for fear.
It takes much love within us to keep loving when we are getting nothing back. Don’t give up because you like to love. Don’t give up. Your rewards are being stacked up for you.
Every time we choose to love and that love is rejected we get just a taste of Jesus’ reality. Because Jesus kept loving, and because we like to love, we should keep doing by faith what we cannot not do.
Jesus loves it that we like to love,
And more so when we’re rejected,
For his blessings are collected,
When we go to meet him high above.
So we’re to be joyous when we get hurt,
Chiefly when love compels us forth,
Love beyond hurt sends us north,
Because Jesus was good enough to be dirt.
It’s hard to keep loving when we keep getting rejected. But the test of love is to keep loving, especially in the presence of rejection.
God knows how much we like to love. Let us keep doing what we do in faith.
The test of love is faith; to hope that love will win. And it will. In heaven if not on earth.
Love beyond rejection. Have faith beyond fear. Hope beyond despair. Love in faith and hope. By faith, love. By hope, love.
Love. Keep on loving. Even in rejection, keep on loving. Love because you like to love. Don’t allow disappointment to discourage you. Do what you choose to do: love.
© 2015 Steve Wickham.

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