Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Rallying As the Darkness Descends

There’s a darkness descending,
As I wake,
This feeling is horrible,
So hard to shake,
I lay there seeking solace,
And anything will do,
Sharps rips of dread,
That’s my reality, true!
What’s to become of me,
I shudder to think,
My thinking right there,
Is beginning to stink.
“You must do something,”
Says a wise voice within,
“Don’t just lay there,
Get up, lift your chin.”
Some days it works,
Some days it’s not so,
Just keep praying and connecting,
A day at a time, let life flow.
DARKNESS descending is the reality of the expunging of light from life. Once was the person who lay there, inspired to get up out of bed to get on with the day ahead. Grief will dash all that. From a slumber of sorts we awake, and it’s not a pleasant experience. Suddenly we are living a thousand deaths every second, or so it seems, if we can allow a little hyperbole.
Little grace is afforded such a coarse season of trials and snares. Whatever knowledge of God we have – so far as his imitable Presence is concerned – is vanquished into that ether of darkness that has lowered itself over us. Yes, in our faith, we appear rather foolish to ourselves – this is the very exemplification of faith; just to stand, sit, or wallow in this.
“There has to be a way out of this. There must be a way.” These are the things we say to ourselves as we search for the answer out of the abyss.
And the search defines us.
The search takes us into frustration and fatigue, that’s for certain, but the search, also, takes us into fellowship with those who will support and love us. We are compelled by our connections to read our Bibles, to pray, to grow, to be led and mentored.
The search is what details our hope, for whoever searches diligently is most likely to find the things they need to survive, initially, then to thrive on our way out.
The search defines us as resilient. The search in the depths as the darkness descends may tire us, but at least we know we are destined to make our way out.
When the darkness has descended, and we have little fire of hope left, flush the furnace of the soul with the bellows of the clean air of faith.
As darkness descends we can either rise up like the phoenix did from the ashes or we can capitulate, it’s up to us. Sometimes rising up is about playing safe and sometimes it’s about taking a calculated risk. The opportunity is to rally against the forces of darkness by going with the power of light!
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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