Wednesday, April 23, 2014

God’s Compensation of Growth Because of Loss

Loss is the experience,
Of a reality under fire,
Where the acid rain of despair,
Will come and chillingly conspire.
Loss of itself is not so untenable,
Nor is the presence of fatigue,
But finally, ultimately, undeniably,
There is spiritual growth into intrigue.
Though grief seems to take too long (yes, it takes too long) there is an invisible learning that takes place, the recognition of which is afterwards. Growth is part of God’s compensation for what we have been through. Through growth we are shown we are more than conquerors, through Christ who saves us.
If this were not true, the gospel of God, as expounded by Jesus and the apostles, would also not be true. But there is nothing more true. Growth is the point of loss, as is the restoration of our relationship and reliance upon God.
For, in loss we are reminded starkly that we have nothing dependable left other than God. Not that we know it at the time, but God is enough, though nothing seems enough at the time.
But the point is pain. And that sounds crass, but it is the truth. Pain will force us to come to know God more intimately. Pain will conjure notions in us to connect with others who will give us support, love, and guidance. Pain is a humbling reality, and we can all do with humbling. Through pain we come to know the essences for true life in a much more meaningful way. Pain drives us to question things; to get to and gather the kernel of truth and to throw away the chaff.
All these truths about pain are important to see and understand, for this life is replete with pain. It is evident everywhere we go.
Pain will take us into growth – though again it’s not to be immediately recognised. As we endure pain it will necessitate faith, which is borne on the wings of hope – a hope for a long time that is invisible.
Growth is the point out of loss, where grief is the vehicle taking us away from the trappings of this world we don’t want to let go of. Such growth is a fresh opportunity to escape such trappings – even those perceived of as ‘good’ – and to journey onward with God.
Though grief is long and tiresome, God ensures a good reward for diligent endurance. The pain suffered hopefully – though it doesn’t feel anything like hope – is ventured into by faith, and faith facilitates growth. When we grieve well we grow.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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