Tuesday, February 25, 2014

‘Yet’ Is a Very Important Word

‘Yet’ is a very important word.”
— Sy Rogers
“There are more ‘yets’ out there for me,” I said when I addressed an AA meeting over ten years ago now. ‘Yet’ stood for, “You’re Eligible Too.” That meant anyone was eligible to backslide into drinking and disastrous lifestyle that runs with it. We are all eligible for a life that runs south by association with the wrong types of people and of not dealing with our junk.
But there’s another thing we are eligible for: the success of contentedness, the living of a hope-filled life, and growth through the pain of the present and past.
‘Yet’ is a very important word.
It should inspire hope in every single person who abides to the truth – not denying the truths of their lives, and deciding to grow not only through the hellishness of their personal circumstances, but to transcend them.
The Wisdom of the Negative Y.E.T.
A mentor of past would say to me, “What is the best question ever?” “It’s easy,” he’d say. “What’s the wise thing to do – in this situation, with what I have, etc?”
It’s true. We need wisdom on a moment by moment basis, for every moment is rich with the power for decision. Make good decisions and life goes well and better and better. Make poor decisions, however, and we tend to go backwards.
You’re eligible too. The proud person who thinks they are beyond making a certain error, may, when they least expect it, be sucked into that same error.
We are all eligible to suffer the consequences of our sin – or any sin for that matter.
The Freedom of the Positive Y.E.T.
You may not have achieved something you dearly want to achieve yet. ‘Yet’ is the most operative word in the sentence. Believe and you can achieve. Believe, because if you truly do you will ensure you leave no stone unturned that could possibly help you get to where you are going.
We throw off all restraint when we believe in a good plan for our lives, even though we don’t see it clearly. The less clearly we see that vision, the more faith required to keep stepping, especially where there might also be a void of hope.
Whatever we have not ‘yet’ accomplished stands there as a future possibility. ‘Yet’ is a very important word. Having faith means we believe that, through God working in us, we can do things we may struggle to conceive as possible.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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