Tuesday, February 11, 2014

As Expectations Decrease, Contentedness Increases

“There is no limit to the good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.”
― Gen. George C. Marshall (1880–1959)
As we get rid of our expectations
Our eyes begin to see
The possibilities to serve others
Then finally we are free.
When we beat past the ego and insist upon serving others, God ushers us into His glorious Presence, and at last we have freedom from self.
What is this ‘freedom from self’? It is the self that berates us with demands to be satisfied, but, by the nature of those demands, can never be satisfied. It is the self that seems convincing to us, until we realise where the pressure’s coming from – like, “Where did this pressure come from, and why, and why is it so demanding?” None of this self is from God, but there is a version of ‘self’ that is inherently God-destined and God-oriented. This version has others at the centre. This version sees what others need and what we might be blessed to do in order to help – yes, we might be blessed to help. Helping is a delight, and, from here, we derive a sense of freedom from the other self.
The more we are freed, the more good we may do; which need never be counted. Counting and assigning is not the point. Counting and assigning have more to do with expectations and the limiting – or an end-point time – of our help.
One of God’s invitations
Is to lower our expectations,
For when we expect less
Then He may readily bless.
Expectations that run ahead of reality are the ruination of our contentedness. Let us allow our selfless selves to run ahead of thought for gain or loss.
When our expectations have faded into the distance, and our consciousness is invaded by a sense for what might be done in God’s name, living is sublime.
Somehow our contentedness is no longer linked with what might be expected to disappoint us. Suddenly our contentedness may be linked with something so strangely simple – something bizarre – like a rainbow, a beach scene, an ice cream, or one spare moment to soak up the reality of being alive – no matter the trials faced.
Imagine the freedom of having nothing within us that needs satisfying; contented without a single ‘thing’ to make life better. This is the potential reality for the person who has despatched their expectations from present thought.
Expectations that run ahead of reality are the ruination of our contentedness.
Lowered expectations + focus on others = increased contentedness.
© 2014 S. J. Wickham.

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